The ongoing and past decades have observed significant advances in the cosmetic industry, particularly in Anti-Aging skincare. Microcurrent neuromuscular stimulation electrotherapy is one of the main recognized procedures in this regard.

An anti-aging skincare Microcurrent technology device is well known for muscle toning and micro-lifting of facial muscles nowadays. It applies a minimal amount of electric current (in microamperes) to the skin tissues with the help of electrodes. It has immensely positive effects on treating skin-ageing changes like wrinkles, skin sagging, and facial neuropathy.

Let’s elaborate on this magnificent technology, its working, and its benefits for skincare. Before going into detail, you must know some terms and their meanings.

What are Skin-Aging Changes?

Skin-aging changes refer to a couple of changes that happen to the human skin as people grow older. These changes include thinning, fragility, wrinkles, sagging, and loss of receptors.

Microcurrent Technology 

Microcurrent technology is beneficial in anti-ageing skincare. It is usually offered in a compact kit package, easily ordered online. It has an anti-ageing device (also known as anti-ageing toner). The toner applies tiny electric impulses with the help of two electrodes placed on the skin. These micro-ampere electric impulses stimulate the skin pigments. This whole process is known as a microcurrent facial treatment.

LED Light Therapy 

LED (light-emitting diodes) light therapy is another safe and non-invasive procedure for anti-ageing skincare. LED therapy is as simple as microcurrent therapy that can be carried out in the clinic and the home. It is an anti-wrinkle device. The LED therapy uses blue, green, and red LED lights of varying wavelengths. NASA first carried it out for plant growth in a space mission. Later on, the dermatologist and aesthetician boards considered it safe for human skin treatments. The soothing light impulses penetrate the skin to varying depths and stimulate the skin pigments to perform better.

Red LED Light Devices

The red LED light acts on fibroblast in the skin, producing collagen. As discussed above, collagen is responsible for making connecting tissues. One such microcurrent device based on the red LED light is Gravity Control 3 in 1 Facial toning system by 5th avenue buzz, which you can use at home and get results in 5 minutes. It helps make your skin fresh shiny and adds better circulation.

How Does Gravity Control 3 In 1 Facial Toning System Work?

The gravity control 3 in 1 facial toning system emits LED light rays over your skin. The light rays, which are protons in nature, have a soothing effect on the skin. They penetrate the skin deeply and stimulate the skin pigments, such as collagen. As the collagen gets produced, the cell regeneration starts. Its two-week clinical tests have shown the following facts and figures.

  • It assured four times younger skin (assessed by Global Age Assessment)
  • Skin luminosity increased up to 53% (through Minolta Chromameter)
  • Wrinkles and skin lines reduced by 37% (via clinical grading)
  • Skin moisturization increased by 36% (by Nova impedance meter)

Benefits Of Gravity Control 3 In 1 Facial Toning System

The benefits of using this microcurrent device for anti-aging skincare are as follows.


The microcurrent devices are highly non-invasive to operate. It means the microcurrent therapy does not involve any skin-tearing or cutting. The whole procedure is done without giving any harm to the skin tissues.


The whole process is painless. An under-treatment person may feel the vibratory buzz due to a micro-electric impulse.


Microcurrent therapy does not use any injection. It is an injection-free process. The whole process is straightforward. The soothing LED light (protons) of 680 wavelengths penetrates the skin and stimulates the skin pigments.

Just Five Minutes Treatment  

Using a gravity control 3 in 1 facial toning system is very easy and can be done at home. It just takes five minutes and gives you skin firming and uplifting.

Stimulation of Collagen 

Collagen is the most widely found protein in the human body. It makes the connecting tissues. Microcurrent therapy stimulates collagen. This stimulation results in many benefits like reducing skin wrinkles, boosting and lifting facial muscle mass, balancing skin electricity, and improving fine facial lines.

Increase in Cell Turnover

The gravity control 3 in 1 facial toning system helps in cell turnovers. The term cell turnover means shedding off the dead cells and replacing them with younger cells. The cell turnover gives you a fresh and more youthful look.

Skin Fitness & Elasticity

Losing your skin fitness and elasticity is one of the significant issues of skiing aging. It is a natural process. However, the gravity device helps slow down the process and keeps your skin fit and elastic.


Q1. Does microcurrent help sagging skin?

Yes! The microcurrent treatment helps treat sagging skin. It stimulates various essential pigments and proteins, like collagen, inside the skin to heal the sagging skin.

Q2. Can microcurrent damage your skin?

Not at all! Microcurrent devices are safe to use. No such side effects of skin damage have been reported yet. However, some people should avoid them, for example, cardiac pacemaker patients and pregnant women, etc.

Q3. Does LED therapy work?

Yes! LED therapy works in anti-aging skincare. There are a couple of benefits of LED therapy, like acne, dull skin, wrinkles, eczema, and many others.


Microcurrent and red LED light therapies to have widespread adoption in anti-aging skincare. These are considered safe and non-invasive procedures that can be done at a skin professional’s office and home. This article presents one such device; gravity control 3 in 1 facial toning system by 5th avenue buzz.

The device is beneficial in treating anti-aging issues like wrinkles and sagging skins. We have covered several benefits this device offers, like cell turnover, collagen stimulation, ease of use, and skin fitness. We have also described salient features and working of the machine followed by two weeks of clinical assessments for the device.

Overall benefits of this anti-aging skincare microcurrent technology device are unparalleled.