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Dr. Oscar

The only patented made in USA ultimate full body massage device.


A portable, easy-to-handle, safe, painless and fast-acting device that promotes muscle activation and circulation using modern technology. It works through a vibration process, in which electromagnetic irradiations of long infrared rays are emitted and are easily absorbed by the human body.
Electromagnetic waves stimulate blood supply and circulation, enabling oxygenation and improvements to the metabolism. By improving blood circulation, these waves increase the nutrition of body tissues and the excretion of toxins.

Dr. Oscar

For better health, recovery and maintenance of physical wellbeing.

Clinically Proven Benefits

*Results from 12-week clinical study with 35 subjects. Individual results may vary.

The ultimate full body massage device

The device is a simple and effective way to relieve stress and tensions, acting as a coadjuvant to improve some pathological conditions when used in the indicated posvitions, according to the recommended operation times.