Bella Breakdown

Hey ladies, I’m sure you’ve heard of one of the latest social media crazes, dermabrasion. If you haven’t, it’s basically the removal of the top layer, even to the middle layer, of skin using a rough surface moving quickly across the desired area you’d like to treat. This has been available in dermatologist offices for a whileas a cosmetic treatment, but has recently become available at home thanks to easy to use tools!

The women of Whoabella got to try out one of the tools. Thanks to Beauty Tech, we received the NuAcquaDerm at-home Microderm set!

Your skin is your largest organ and is responsible for a lot of important things. It regulates your temperature, it protects your bones and inner organs from outside forces…it’s basically the MVP of your body. Taking care of skin is vital to taking care of your overall health; take care of your skin, take care of yourself. That’s why we are beyond in love with the NuAcquaDerm set…it’s the ultimate hack for self-care skin-care!


We know most of the images and examples are used on the face, but we found that a great place to clean up using the NuAcquaDerm was the bottom of your feet. I know, gross, but hey no matter what we are talking about dead skin so don’t act like you’re totally shocked! This product is a powerhouse, it successfully removes all the dead and old skin from whatever part of the body you want. This winter season is notorious for drying out the skin, so think ahead and send this awesome product as a gift this holiday season! No matter the age, dry skin can affect all of us, peeling can totally ruin your day, grab a NuAcquaDerm and feel your best!

Want to learn more? Head over to Beauty Tech and check out their full line of products and attachments.