I was contacted here on my blog last week to see if I’d be interested in trying out the NuAcquaDerm Microdermabrasion at home kit.

I have never done microdermabrasion before so it wasn’t something I was familiar with. I had heard about it, I knew what it was. I had just never had it done on myself, nor ever used any kind of at home device before.
I was interested and curious to see what this product could do. I don’t have troubled skin, or a lot of acne, or problems. I get the occasional breakout, of course, but I’ve always been pretty fortunate when it comes to my skin. I also try and take good care of it, especially as I get older.

Before I decided to try out this product I read up a little on it. I was intrigued. It claims to sweep away dead skin cells and leaving you with healthier, smoother, younger, luminous skin. I mean, who doesn’t want all that?

So, what exactly is this device? (taken from HSN website)

Handheld, spa-like beauty treatment

  • Combines dermabrasion tip technology with deep vacuum suction
  • Sweeps away dead skin cells, leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion
  • Provides great results from head to toe, in the comfort of your home
  • Provides the look of younger and more radiant skin
  • When used before spray tanning and other beauty products, helps create a more even application

Suction function

  • Has a massage benefit

Stainless steel tips

  • Fine surface tip is ideal for the face
  • Coarse surface tip for face can be used for larger less sensitive areas such as the forehead, cheeks or jaw line
  • Coarse surface tip is perfect for the body and calluses on feet
  • Precision tip is great for use on “eleven” lines, crow’s feet and areas around the mouth

To be honest, I was a little nervous before trying this. I thought the suction was going to be too much, I thought (with my sensitive skin) my face would be really red, or it would leave bruises or marks. The suction was what intimidated me at first. The idea of it suctioning at my skin, tugging, pulling. It kinda freaked me out. Not going to lie.

I tried this out on my arm before I went anywhere near my face. Just to get used to the motion and see how the suction worked. (This device also has two speed settings- low & high) once I saw how it was on my arm, I felt comfortable and moved onto my face.

I will say, I had very minimal redness after using. The first thing I noticed was how soft my skin felt afterwards. I mean it was SOFT! Baby soft! I just wanted to keep feeling it over and over. It felt so good!

I would also like to point out that I do have some redness in my cheeks. I’ve always had it. It’s not bad, but something I’ve always hated and had to deal with. After using this, I noticed the redness that is usually in my cheeks was very muted. The slight redness that I’ve always dealt with, now, seemed like my normal skin tone almost blended over it. If that makes sense? It wasn’t all the way gone. However, it was so much less noticeable and faint. *I loved that*

That alone impressed me! My skin looked healthier, clearer… and omg, did it feel smooth! When I went to empty out the lid (to clean out the dead skin) I did notice I didn’t have much dead skin in there. My husband tried this out and when he cleaned it out after using it, he had a lot of dead skin. I don’t know why he had so much and I didn’t? Either way, I could feel and see a difference.

I haven’t noticed anything else as far as changes go in my skin. I also haven’t been using this that long so that’s why I decided to do a “mini review” I have read some people said it helped with their acne, or wrinkles and they noticed a significant change pretty quickly.

Even though I’ve had a limited amount of time with this product… my first impression is that I like it so far. I love how my skin feels after using it and how it looks. I will keep trying this and see if I notice any other changes with my skin.

I think it’s kinda great that you can use this type of device at home, rather than having to go to a salon or have someone else do this for you. Granted, this was my first time experiencing something like this. I feel it was a pretty good experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the outcome would turn out, but so far so good.

I’ll keep you guys updated if you’d like to know how this continues to go, or if I’ve seen any other changes.

I would like to thank Marina for reaching out and contacting me & for sending me this to try out. Even though this was free, my thoughts and review is 100% my own opinion. I’ll always be honest with you guys and let you know if I like a product or not, regardless if it was sent to me for free or if I paid for it myself.

If you’re interested, this can be purchased at HSN and NuAcquaderm it retails for $139.00

Have any of you tried any at home microdermabrasion devices before? What was your experience like? Let me know!

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