NuTon360º A Luxurious Full Body Treatment

  • An innovative, hand-held device that deeply massages and stimulates tired and stressed skin.
  • NuTon 360˚ is designed to replicate the gentle pinching, kneading and drainage sensation that an aesthetician might include as part of your beauty treatment.
  • An unique, 360-degree vibration, multi-angle diamond shape design rollers, delivers a pinch and release action that will effectively massage your face and your body to enhancing firmness and improving skin tone.
  • The ergonomic design handle allows for a comfortable grip and full control, creating an effortless and enjoyable experience anywhere and anytime.
  • The NuTon 360º is a celebrity favorite for it’s ease of use, portability and instant results! The NuTon 360º hand-held beauty device utilizes a unique deep rolling action, replicating the techniques used at exclusive spas to help improve the appearance of skin tone for a more renewed, youthful-looking you!

NuTon360º A Luxurious Full Body Treatment





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